Photography is key to renting your property

Did you know there is almost 7000 airbnb listings in Edinburgh alone? Having great images that really sell your home will make the single biggest difference to renting your property. People will natually book a place that looks bright and spacious with beautiful detailed photos rather than someone who does not. wouldnt you?



"We went from 1 booking a month to 20"

“We rent our home over the summer months and we got so little bookings as my phone photos just couldnt it justice. Arc and Light photographed our place and we went from 1 booking a month to 20”

— J.A.

"Every feature was photographed"

“I have a very unique property and Arc & Light went to great length to photograph everything that made my property unique, my garden the paintings, every feature was photographed.”

— L.K.

Single biggest difference to our bookings.

“We decided to go with Arc & Light as we needed photos ASAP for our summer listing. We knew the waiting time was months for airbnb photographer and Arc & Light had our pictures ready for us in just 24hrs. We were ready to go straight away and within a day we had the bookings coming. Single biggest difference to our bookings.”

— J.Y.



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